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Our Integrated Management System Policy

At Motorola Solutions, we deliver innovative solutions that help create a safer world for all. We are committed to operating with integrity in everything we do — from creating a safe and healthy workplace for our more than 18,000 employees around the world and ensuring our solutions and services are used safely and responsibly, to minimizing our environmental impact and upholding our Code of Business Conduct.

To accomplish this, we are committed to:

  • Collaborating with customers, suppliers and the communities we serve for ongoing feedback to expand our capabilities, exceed customers' requirements and meet business objectives.

  • Reducing our environmental impact by shrinking our carbon footprint and emphasizing sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, business processes and systems.

  • Standardizing Services support and delivery practices based on business needs and industry best practices.

  • Eliminating occupational injury and illness risks, and engaging our employees in promoting a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Complying with all regulatory, legal, customer, company, management system and other applicable requirements related to Environment, Health, Safety, Quality and Services.

  • Requiring suppliers to operate within our Supplier Code of Conduct and Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality and Service requirements.

  • Regularly measuring our performance against the objectives within our management system, driving continual improvement of the management system and communicating progress and key issues to senior leaders and stakeholders to continually optimize our management system.

While we are proud of our efforts in these key areas, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards, never losing sight of our commitment to our employees, customers, stakeholders and the environment.


Greg Brown
Chairman and CEO
Motorola Solutions

Our Quality Commitment

Customer Advocacy: Capturing Your Voice to Drive Improvement Efforts

Customer feedback is essential to providing you with the products, services and solutions you depend on for your mission-critical applications. 

Feedback is collected in many ways including through our sales channels, annual customer surveys, transactional surveys, partner conferences, call center activity, and more. The feedback collected from our customer advocacy programs has a direct impact on our continual improvement efforts.

ISO 9001/14001/45001 Integrated Management System

Motorola’s approach is to migrate all
ISO 9001/14001/45001 into the Global MSI certificate. Other ISO Certificates are available on request.

Our Integrated Management System is used to manage our processes, meet our business objectives and satisfy our customers while we continually improve what we do. We utilize several International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other industry standards to provide a framework to develop and monitor our Integrated Management System. We are compliant or certified to various ISO Standards.

History of Quality: Our Legacy of Continuous Improvement

Motorola developed the Six Sigma quality improvement process in 1986 which became a global standard across many industries by providing a common language for measuring quality. Today, Motorola Solutions applies a Lean Six Sigma methodology in our continuous improvement efforts.