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trackZEON is Motorola's Online GPS Location Service for the Zeon Digital Network.

All Zeon Digital radios have a GPS chip built-in (activated upon request by a Zeon Digital customer*) which uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites orbiting the earth to determine its approximate geographical location. 

The availability and accuracy of the radio’s location (and the amount of time it takes to calculate it) varies depending on the environment the radio is in. For example, covered locations, indoors, between high buildings, or in situations there is not a clear view of the sky, can impede GPS lock. 

Zeon Digital radios send location updates based on pre-determined “triggers”. The three types of “triggers” are: 

1. The radio’s duress button being activated; this will immediately send a location update and continue to do so until the radio’s emergency state has been cleared. 

2. The radio being switched on or off; the radio automatically updates its location as either of these two events occurs. 

3. At regular distance traveled and time intervals. 

* Activation fee applies. 

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trackZEON Frequently Asked Questions.