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“Does a user manual exist to guide me through how to use trackZEON?”

Yes, the trackZEON user manual can be downloaded from the home page of this web site. It is periodically updated to reflect any enhancements made to the site. trackZEON customers will be advised as and when any enhancements occur with complete instructions relating to how to make the most of the new features. 


“How do I ensure my radio gets the best signal?” 

Ensure the radio’s antenna has a clear view of the sky. Where adequate signals from multiple satellites are not available (usually because the Zeon Digital radio cannot establish a clear view of open sky), the GPS receiver may not work, for example:

  • Underground locations.
  • Inside buildings, trains, or other covered vehicles.
  • Under metal or concrete roofs or structures.
  • Near powerful radio or television towers.
  • When the GPS antenna is covered or facing the ground.


“trackZEON is displaying a radio in an emergency status, but I know the emergency status within the radio handset has been reset. Why hasn’t this updated?” 

trackZEON will continue to display a radio in an emergency status until the computer operator clears this emergency status within the application. The necessity of doing so ensures that the operator must manually acknowledge the emergency status of the radio. An emergency status cannot be cleared in trackZEON until it is first cleared in the radio handset.


“Does the history replay continue to update in real time?”

No. The information in the resource history only displays data for the radio up to the moment the history replay was requested. 


“Why isn’t trackZEON displaying data updates for my radios?”

There could be several causes for this issue:

  • Check with your dealer to ensure your radios have been programmed and logged into the trackZEON database.
  • Proxy servers (firewalls) can sometimes disallow the type of data that trackZEON uses to update maps, known as AJAX. If you have a proxy server at your work site, speak with your IT administrator to ensure it allows this type of internet traffic.
  • Ensure your radios are in full view of the sky to establish a GPS lock. This may take up to 15 minutes the first time.


“How do I report issues or ideas I have for trackZEON to Motorola?”

We welcome your feedback on any issues you are experiencing and/or suggestions to enhance features and functionality at all times using any of the following channels: