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Curve Over-the-Ear Earpiece, Single-pin

With an in-line mic and PTT button, Curve’s earpiece optimizes communications.


Curve Single-Unit Rapid Charger

Cut your charging time with the Curve rapid charger. This charger ensures that Curve is charged and ready when you are.


Business Radio CPS Programming Cable

Program Curve using Business Radio CPS with this programming cable.


Reliable business communication, Now with Wi-Fi and voice assistance capabilities*

Curve’s combination of advanced features and intuitive operation lets you keep your focus on your work, rather than your communications device. Curve integrates radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi-powered cloud connectivity, giving you the best of both worlds: simple, clear, robust voice communications and advanced features with intuitive operation.

What's inside

Wi-Fi powered voice assistant

Wi-Fi powered voice assistant*

Color LED status indicator

Computer Monitor

Curve Portal* to manage subscription and devices

10 channels

10 channels, 915-928 mHz frequency


Push-to-talk communication


Range up to 300,000 sq. ft

Lightweight, slim form factor

Lightweight, slim form factor


Programmable top button

Features to Stay Focused, Connected and Productive

Wi-Fi Powered Voice Assistant*

Curve’s Voice Assistance Button (VAB) creates easy access to many of its features. Users can log in and out of the device using the VAB, and powerful capabilities like direct or group radio calls can be initiated with a simple voice command. Users can also send and receive voicemails to individuals or to an entire location with the VAB. Curve’s Voice Assistant is accessible with a subscription, and this subscription can be easily monitored and managed via the Curve Portal.

Push-to-Talk Communication

Curve combines push to talk with Wifi; communication between radios takes place over land mobile radio frequencies, and Wi-Fi is used for additional features, such as Curve’s Voice Assistant and its analytics-based data transmission. With this feature, your team does not have to worry about weak communications as a result of sparse, overcrowded or unreliable Wi-Fi networks. Curve’s combination of Wi-Fi and Push-to-Talk results in enhanced radio features and strong, reliable communication.

The Curve Portal*

The Curve Portal, designed specifically for managing the Curve Voice Assistance subscription, features a hierarchical management system for stores and resellers. The portal also takes advantage of Curve’s Wi-Fi capabilities and can provide real-time key performance indicators and metrics, which can be used to track radio and personnel productivity.

                                                                                                                *Service subscription required for Wi-Fi capabilities



Product information

Curve brochure

Curve brochure

Brochure for Curve customers and end users

Curve datasheet

Curve datasheet

Curve specifications and overview

Curve user guide

Curve user guide

Curve Buying Guide

Curve Buying Guide

Industry-specific insights for Curve and retail technologies

DH300 Curve Digital Hub

DH300 and CB400 Installation Guide

Installation guide for DH300 and CB400

 Curve Digital Hub Datasheet

Curve Digital Hub Datasheet

 CB Wi-Fi Call Buttons Datasheet

CB Wi-Fi Call Buttons Datasheet


Curve sizzle video

Overview video showcasing Curve and its benefits

Curve connectivity video

Video highlighting Curve’s Wi-Fi and PTT capabilities

Curve Voice Assistant video

Video showcasing Curve’s Voice Assistant.

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