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Whether in a life threatening situation or day to day operations, incident commanders need the ability to quickly locate personnel in the field. The Field Deployable Mapping Solution is a resource tracking tool using GPS satellites to provide operators with the ability to accurately locate and track outdoor personnel, on demand, and in real-time, in any location. It can save time, money and most importantly, lives.

Motorola Solutions’ Field Deployable Mapping Solution allows you to track portable and mobile subscribers through GPS location updates on a simplex or duplex conventional channel.

Periodic, immediate and emergency initiated location information is sent from tracked subscribers to a host subscriber connected to a tablet or laptop to allow for the display of personnel location on maps within Motorola’s Fleet Monitor application. This allows command and management staff to know where their team is at all times.

Tracked subscribers communicate to the host subscriber directly or through a conventional repeater without the need for network infrastructure, making set up simple and fast.

The laptop and host radio are housed in a rugged case to allow for easy deployment in any emergency or tactical situation. The portable nature of this solution makes it perfect for emergency situations in remote locations where no other infrastructure is available.