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Heritage Services FAQ

Motorola Solutions Heritage Services and Archives: Frequently Asked Questions



What is the mission of Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives?

Motorola Solutions Heritage Services archivists communicate, collect and preserve company heritage globally to support the business objectives of Motorola Solutions and to promote the Motorola brand. We serve as the company’s institutional memory and subject matter experts.

We provide reference and research support to company associates around the world. Services generally are not available to the public.


What types of objects does the Archives collect?
We collect records in all formats: textual, audiovisual, photographic, digital and three-dimensional. Artifacts include key products manufactured and sold by Motorola, Motorola Solutions, and their subsidiaries and distributors; a selection of tools and equipment used in the design, manufacture and testing of products; product packaging; and representative memorabilia that document company culture and workplace. We collect only those items that are considered to have long-term historical value to Motorola Solutions, Inc.


I am a journalist. Where can I find a Motorola vintage image for a story?
One of Motorola Solutions' Media Contacts may direct you to the Motorola Solutions Collective website. After registration you will have access to high-resolution photographs of Motorola products and accessories, old and new. Search this web site using the keyword "archives" to find heritage images.


I am a student working on a project about Motorola products or businesses.
Where can I find information?

There are several resources available online that may help you learn more about Motorola's past and present products and businesses, including:

Timeline of Motorola History
Archive of Motorola Annual Reports
Motorola Solutions Investor Relations
History of Early Public Safety Radios
Historic News Releases

I am a collector. How much is my Motorola vintage product worth?
We are not able to appraise or purchase older Motorola products. Many resources are available online and in print that may assist in your valuation. Look for help from antique radio and television guides, collectors clubs and online auction sites.


I would like to donate something to Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives. Where can I find more information?
The Archives collects, preserves and makes available materials of long-term value to Motorola Solutions.  If you have products, documents or photographs from the past that you would like to transfer or donate, please email us at


Can you fix my old Motorola home or auto radio, television or phonograph?
We are not able to provide repair services for older Motorola consumer products. Please try your local television or radio repair shop.


Where can I find parts for my antique Motorola product?
Places that carry parts for antique products are listed on the Internet. Have your model number ready. For home radios or televisions it may also help to know the Motorola chassis number (a number beginning with TS or HS). You can find this number on the inside workings of many vintage Motorola consumer products.


Where can I find the model number of my antique Motorola product?
The model number usually may be found on the back or just inside the back of the unit.


How do I contact Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives?
If your questions have not been answered in this FAQ, please email Motorola Solutions Heritage Archives at: Or write to:

Motorola Solutions Heritage Communications & Archives 
500 West Monroe Street, Floor 43 
Chicago, Illinois 60661