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Keep officers on the street, not the redaction seat.

As FOIA requests from the media and citizens steadily increase, so has the time spent redacting video. Time is your most valuable asset. REDACTIVE video and audio software protects that by automatically detecting faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and small objects in the video file first, making point-and-click redacting quick and easy for even the most novice user.

What's inside


Platform-independent software

Highly-accurate object detection

Highly-accurate object detection

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

Single PC or enterprise use

Single PC or enterprise use

Key features

Automatic detection

REDACTIVE software quickly scans the entire video first, automatically detecting faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and small objects so the user spends less time manually performing the task.

Forward / backward object scanning

Select any object at any point in the video clip and REDACTIVE will automatically scan forward and backward to find it, allowing the user to redact the object before or after the selection point – or throughout the entire clip – speeding time to finish.

Selective audio muting

Select, preview and redact any portion of the audio track simply by highlighting the area with a click and drag of a mouse. Replace pieces of audio with an audible tone, or simply mute the redacted words.


User guides

REDACTIVE user guide

Single user guide

Single user guide

REDACTIVE enterprise guide

Enterprise guide

Enterprise guide

Training videos

Training Video: Import and Upload

Learn how to import and upload video for redaction.

Training Video: User Interface

Overview of user interface, playback, and editing controls

Training Video: Static Redactions

Fast method of redacting static objects in a frame

Training Video: Auto Redactions

Running auto redaction and working with results

Training Video: Manual Redactions

Training Video: Manual Redactions

Training Video: Audio Redactions

Easily select, mute or replace audio

Training Video: Trimming Video

Trim and export only the redacted video you need to share

Training Video: Highlighting Objects

Call attention to objects without redacting

Training Video: Exporting Redacted Video

Options for exporting redacted video