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VehicleManager Enterprise VehicleManager Enterprise VehicleManager Enterprise

VehicleManager Enterprise

Build upon the basics of license plate recognition with patented, powerful analytics - helping your team instantly transform license plate recognition data into actionable intelligence.

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Enhance safety & operations with license plate recognition insights

Take your site beyond simple license plate searches and hot list alerts in order to find vehicles of interest faster. VehicleManager Enterprise is a vehicle location intelligence solution that builds upon the basics of license plate recognition.

Find the needle in a haystack

Find the needle in a haystack

Easily search for, find and review the location history of a vehicle of interest and determine where it may be located in the future.

Discover new vehicle leads

Discover new vehicle leads

Jumpstart your investigation by identifying vehicles you may not have known were connected to each other or specific locations.

Heighten your awareness

Heighten your awareness

Configure and share hot lists and alerts for vehicles of interest to your team. Receive alerts and access tools anywhere.

Data is cumbersome. Intelligence is actionable.

Transform license plate reader data into actionable insights with this vehicle intelligence platform. Use patented, powerful analytics to uncover patterns, trends and associations.

Locate the license plate

Identify a vehicle’s license plate utilizing the most diverse LPR search platform by searching local data and/or shared data.

Identify previous events

Once a vehicle of interest is identified, quickly search for previous sightings which may reveal related incidents to strengthen your current case.

Identify associated vehicles

Utilizing our association and alerting tools, quickly identify vehicles that are regularly traveling with each other or are often parked next to each other at different locations.


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