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Private Public Partnership (PPP) is the term used to describe a private business collaborating with their local police agency by sharing video footage and data through a camera share program, with the goal of contributing to public safety efforts. Through strong community policing and engagement, cities can experience a greater sense of trust and confidence.

Private Public Partnership FAQs

Why is Private Public Partnership needed?

Private public partnership (PPP) is needed to obtain video footage where agencies typically do not have access. It is also an essential part of including the community in the contribution of solving crimes. Community policing and engagement is a critical aspect of ensuring a safer city and elicits trust within the community.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Private Public Partnership?


Some advantages of private public partnership (PPP) are the aspect of community partnership and engagement as well as increased access to critical evidence.


Some disadvantages are that a PPP program could take time to implement as they require various steps and approvals. However, it is because of the extensive creation process that communities are able to develop a PPP that is perfect fit for their agency and the people they serve.

Why is private Public Partnership important?

Private Public Partnership (PPP) is important because it gives law enforcement more access to critical evidence and includes the public in the safeguarding of their community. When there is a strong connection between law enforcement agencies and communities, there is a new level of trust and confidence within the community.

What does a successful Private Public Partnership look like?

A successful public private partnership allows for community policing and engagement by collaborating with the public in order to enhance public safety efforts.

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Interested In Learning More About How Motorola Solutions Can Keep Your City Safe?

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