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Detect who is coming to your school

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Managing your school’s perimeter can be a challenge. Today’s security technology can help simplify procedures and provide eyes on the scene in seconds.

Detection and protection for your entire campus

Detection plays a critical role in minimizing potential risks, improving situational awareness and helping increase early detection.

Campus protection starts off-campus

“The envelope of safety starts on the perimeter. This proactive software allows us to do a threat assessment almost immediately. From the time someone drives into our parking lot, before they even enter our doorways, we can have an assessment of who, what and why that person may be coming to our school.” – Kert Boedicker, Principal, Perry Meridian High School

Detection solutions for Safe Schools

Radio Alert

Receive and acknowledge critical alerts with automated video analytic and access control alarms dispatched directly to your two-way radio via text message and text-to-voice alerts.

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Ensure anonymous, confidential tip submissions using a web-based form, enabling students to “say something” at any time from their laptop or smartphone.

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Video Security

Capture critical details, enhance visibility across campus and create a safe and secure environment with specialized cameras for every location including classrooms, hallways and parking lots.

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License Plate Recognition

Monitor all roads approaching and surrounding your campus and automatically alert security and law enforcement when threat-designated vehicles enter school grounds.

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Watchlist Alerting

Identify and track individuals of interest on campus using a secure, controlled watch list created and maintained by designated and authorized users at the school.

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Access Control

Manage staff, student and visitor access to buildings or restricted areas on school grounds using a role-based system with instant detection of individuals at access points.

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Resolve technical issues, protect system components, ensure continuous security and enhance performance with service support and management right-sized for your unique needs.

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This [technology] is fantastic because now we’re not chasing things. We’re getting in front of them before they ever hit the front door.

Lieutenant Chris Wright

Perry Township School Police

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