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Analog to Digital with Capacity Max

'The analog system is eventually going away, so we knew we needed to go digital.'

Rick Cogar | Texas Bigfoot Communications

Texas Bigfoot Communications: Choosing a Bright Future with MOTOTRBO Capacity Max.


Jeff "Scott" Cofsky had an old analog radio system that wasn't allowing his business to grow, due to countless coverage issues on his radio network. Looking for a solution, Jeff flew all over the world to look at systems that would meet his communication needs. His partner, Rick Cogar, knew that their analog system would eventually go away, and that they needed to go digital. After a year of lost time, money and resources from choosing the wrong vendor, Texas Bigfoot Communications purchased a MOTOTRBO Capacity Max system, setting their business back on track.

Customer Profile

Company Background

Texas Bigfoot Communications is a two-way radios and service shop that provides airtime services to their customers.

The Requirements

Texas Bigfoot was looking for a continuous duty digital system that would replace its old system.

  • Clear and crisp digital audio
  • GPS / AVL functionality
  • One-to-One calling
  • Group calling
  • Texting
  • Console capable
  • Manufacturer service and support

Executive Summary

The Challenge

Texas Bigfoot Communications knew they needed to migrate their old analog radio system to digital. Initially, they chose a third party system that ended up costing them time, money and customers.

The Solution

The installation of a city-wide MOTOTRBO Capacity Max system provides Texas Bigfoot Communications with a next-generation trunking solution that has quicker infrastructure maintenance, improved coverage reliability and increased site scalability.

The Benefits

The technical advances of Capacity Max and strong service support from Motorola Solutions has allowed Jeff and Rick to quickly surpass 15 sites and continue growing their business across the Houston Metropolitan area.

The Benefits of a Centralized Architecture

Jeff and Rick needed a system that would help them scale in the future. Capacity Max has a centralized architecture which allows most of the infrastructure to be controlled from the main office. As the technical lead for all the Houston sites, Jeff can now control each site from one location. Leveraging System Advisor, Capacity Max's system management software, Jeff is able to see every infrastructure component, check statuses, and silence alarms, all from one place. Jeff and his technicians now spend less time visiting the physical site to fix infrastructure problems, and instead focus on growing their business.

See How Well Roaming Works Between Sites on Capacity Max

The Importance of Accurate Coverage

Jeff and Rick had been looking for a digital solution for the last five years. Their old analog system wasn't delivering the hand-off consistency they required when moving between coverage zones. They knew they needed to give their customers better audio quality over longer distances, especially because their radio users are primarily mobile across wide areas.

Digital Communication Drives Efficiency for Mobile Teams

Enhancing Digital Communications With Data

When providing coverage to radio users across many different verticals, having a wide-range of features and applications is business critical. One of Jeff and Rick's favorite capabilities on their new system is GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking. One customer that is looking to benefit from this technology is Tom Norris of Texas Priority Protection & Investigations. His dispatcher can now track the locations of all of his private security officers in the field. If there is an incident, a dispatcher can send the nearest officer to the scene to address the problem.

Enhancing Safety and Communication for Private Security

"They never know what they're going to come up on and so it’s very vital to be able to communicate with their team to get the resources to help, back them up and maintain their own safety."

Tom Norris | Priority Protection & Investigations

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