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 Bethlehem PD

"All digital evidence in one place has saved countless man hours."

Scott Meixell | Deputy Chief, Bethlehem PD

When Bethlehem PD decided to deploy integrated body-worn cameras, radios, and a unified digital evidence management solution, they knew their investment was about more than technology - it was about trust.

An evolving town creates new needs.

Bethlehem, PA is a city of 75,000 residents formally known for its steel industry and manufacturing base. Today, it’s been reborn as a vibrant community with a bustling downtown, diverse industry and multiple educational institutions. Bethlehem PD enjoys a positive relationship with the community but officials saw some ways to improve.

Security coordination for events

Musikfest is the pride of Bethlehem. Spanning 10 days and with over 100,000 individuals there any given day, the event requires constant and effective communication among law enforcement.

Easier digital evidence capture

Bethlehem PD has officers on foot, bike, in patrol cars and undercover. They wanted to enable all officers to capture video and photo evidence, without creating additional hurdles.

Simplified content management

Increased amounts of digital evidence, spread among siloed systems, caused massive administrative headaches to get it through the chain of custody fast enough for efficient prosecution.

PD case study

Learn more about how Bethlehem PD built their technology ecosystem.

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Making an impact for the city of Bethlehem


Fortifying trust with the community

Officers can now effortlessly capture body-worn video which has dramatically improved the handling of complaints.

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Better responsiveness for Musikfest

With new P25 two-way radios that are directly integrated with body-worn cameras, officers stay in constant contact.

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Simplifying management processes

All agency digital evidence is stored and automatically organized in the cloud so it can be quickly reviewed and shared.

Hear it from Bethlehem PD first-hand

Bethlehem PD has no shortage of people working day in and day out to make a difference in their community. Hear from them about what the technology has meant to them and the team.

Improving communications with an end-to-end solution

In law enforcement, sometimes there isn’t a substitute for voice communications. Bethlehem PD decided to invest in APX series two-way radios as well as Body Worn Cameras due to ease of use and reliability - without complication.

Take a look at the APX series

The value of capture technology in the prosecution of cases

The value of body-worn cameras to Bethlehem PD was immediately apparent - which one to go with wasn’t. Above all else, ensuring officers weren’t inhibited and they could do their jobs, the decision was easy.

Learn more about our BWC

Increase efficiency in chain of custody with digital evidence management

As the quantity of digital evidence grew, so too did manual processes and work-arounds for Bethlehem PD. CommandCentral Vault was a welcome change that made life easier for not only evidence techs, but officers in the field and prosecutors.

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Read more about Bethlehem PD’s story.

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