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Two-Way Radio

Empower your personnel to communicate, collaborate and share securely without compromising functionality or performance.

Your traditional perimeter has dissolved

Safeguard your mission-critical communications by protecting what really matters - voice and data. Apply robust end-to-end encryption across all of your voice and data communications no matter where it resides.

The Most Robust Encryption

Enhance your communication security and improve overall operational efficiencies with robust end-to-end encryption. AES 256 encryption is P25 compliant and FIPS certified to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive voice and data communications.

Multikey Support

Enable seamless and secure interoperable communications across different talk-groups, users, or channels

Legacy Encryption Support

Support legacy and current encryption algorithms and enable greater interoperability with neighboring legacy partners

Infinite Key Retention

Securely maintain your encryption keys even through power loss and reprogramming

Stay ahead of cyber threats with ongoing security management

Managing encryption across a growing number of devices can be a daunting task. Remove the inherent complexities out of administrating and managing your secure communications with our security management ecosystem. Allowing you to remediate vulnerabilities faster, minimize risk, and stay ahead of cyber attacks.

Security Management Ecosystem

Key Management Facility

Respond faster to changes in your environment with enhanced visibility and greater control over your encryption keys across devices deployed in the field. Generate, load, and delete keys on-demand via a highly intuitive interface so you can stay ahead of your adversaries and better insulate yourself from attacks.

KVL 5000

Quickly and easily create, store, and deliver encryption algorithms while on the move with the intuitive and highly rugged KVL 5000. Offering the highest levels of protection, this FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified key fill device ensures robust and secure key management while in the field.

Change Encryption Keys on the Fly

Ensure all of your voice and data communications are secured with encryption keys that update over-the-air. Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR) avoids the delays, inconvenience and costs of having personnel bring their devices into the shop for manual rekeying.

At the heart of APX Lies the MACE Security Chip

With a lost or stolen radio, your adversaries can lift encryption keys and listen in on your private communications. APX™ radios are equipped with the security of the MACE chip. Acting as the trust anchor, the MACE provides a secure environment for storing encryption keys via a hardened tamper-resistant chassis. Minimize the risk of compromising your encryption keys with the MACE hardware encryption module.

MACE Features

Voice and Data Encryption

MACE provides cryptographic services (encryption and decryption) of all voice and data communications so your communications stay private and secured against eavesdropping

Secure Key Material Storage

Prevent unauthorized access to your encryption keys. Any physical disruption of the MACE chip automatically triggers the radio to erases all key material

Highest Rated Radio on the Market

APX™ Series P25 Two-Way Radios are the only radios in the industry that meet the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation

Ensure only authorized users are on your network

The very nature of your system makes it an ideal target for those who plan to steal service or disrupt your legitimate mission-critical communications. Additionally, compromised radios can hijack your network's resources and or send conflicting messages to your personnel via cloned radios that masquerade on your system as a real user. Ensure only authorized users are on your network with radio authentication.

Radio Authentication Features

Protect the Integrity of Your System

Restrict any unauthorized system access and prevent illegally cloned or unauthorized radios from accessing your system

Detect. Investigate. Respond.

When an authentication failure occurs, an automated notification triggers an alarm providing you with greater visibility so you can remediate threats and respond faster

Seamless Authentication Interoperability

Securely store multiple authentication keys enabling personnel to seamlessly roam on neighboring systems automatically

Installation Flexibility

Quickly and easily implement secure radio authentication with incremental deployment

Project 25 Standards Based

Utilizes the P25 Link Layer Authentication standard ensuring it's over-the-air compatible with other P25 manufacturers


Your personnel need wireless accessories that are remarkably fast, secure, robust, and easy to use. Yet, off-the-shelf Bluetooth® products lack the performance, security, and comfort required. Our suite of APX Mission Critical Wireless Accessories leverage the secure Mission-Critical Bluetooth® for fast, secure, and effortless connectivity.

Mission-Critical Bluetooth Features

Every Transmission Is Secure

A Bluetooth® ID and a 128-bit key are
exchanged to encrypt the communication,
significantly reducing the threat of interception

Just Touch & Go

Our purpose-built mission-critical accessories pair
with just a touch and connect in under 10 seconds
with no need to enter codes or navigate menus

Mission Critical Bluetooth® Your Grab and Go Solution

Mission Critical Bluetooth® Demo From the Tradeshow

Seamless Connectivity. Assured Protection.
APX Series P25 Two-Way Mission-Critical Bluetooth Accessories