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The complexity of mission critical environment continues to evolve rapidly. Identify the right level of service that best fit your organisation is important to meet your goals. As your operational partner, our services create a comprehensive voice and data communications strategy for you to embrace today's challenges. We provide offerings to enable the full technology lifecycle, from expert consultation to help you assess, plan and design to your objectives to the technical support, monitoring and maintenance that backs your technology investments.

Experienced integration and optimisation teams bring complex, interoperable systems to life while managed services lower costs and free your organisation to focus on its mission. And we back up our commitment to you with customer-defined SLAs and KPIs.

Communications solutions are at the heart of your operation. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce risks and downtime that can impact the success of your communication strategy.

Infrastructure Services

Motorola Solutions provides a continuum of managed and support services for your DIMETRA TETRA and ASTRO 25 systems. With a proven track record in successfully operating and maintaining some of the largest and most complex mission-critical communications systems in the world, we have the expertise to scale down your financial and operational risks while optimising your communications system for the future.

The Service Packages (Essential, Advanced, Premier) listed below are designed to sustain the lifecycle of DIMETRA X Core, DIMETRA Scalable, DIMETRA IP Compact, ASTRO 25 M Core, ASTRO 25 K Core, ASTRO 25 L Core and ASTRO 25 Express Systems.

The Service from the Start packages are intended to support the DIMETRA IP Micro, DIMETRA IP Compact and DIMETRA Express through our channel partners.

Essential Services

Technical support when you need it, so you can maintain and restore your system.

Advanced Services

Rely on us to monitor and update your network, providing improved network response and continuity.

Premier Services

Transfer day-to-day accountability to us to operate and optimise all or part of your system to maximise performance and reduce risk.

Selector Tool

Find the right level of services to help you achieve your performance goals.

Service from the Start

Keep your system running at peak performance with first-rate response times and access to expert technicians.


When operating in a mission-critical environment, you need a designated program that maximises your device performance and helps to protect your investment from every angle. With Service from the Start, your devices are protected from any unplanned malfunction especially during critical times. Our team of technical experts will work with your local partners to resolve any technical issue to make sure that you get the highest level of support.

By budgeting in advance with predictable costs, you remove the concern of unexpected downtime and maintenance risks.

Service from the Start for Digital Radios

Protect your digital radios against any type of damage, from wear and tear to accidental breakage.

Service from the Start for LEX L10

Protect your LEX L10 devices against damage, from wear and tear to accidental breakage.




As a pioneer leader in public safety and commercial markets, we are committed to resolve your communication network challenges with our array of effective applications and solution services. Whether you are looking to deploy our application or to utilise Motorola Solutions expertise to mitigate cyber security risks, we can provide the right level of services and expertise to address your operational and business needs.

Service from the Start for WAVE 5000

Protect your WAVE 5000 solution against downtime or any potential risks.

TRACES Network Optimisation

Consolidates network data from multiple sources into a single view enabling operators and end-user organisations to evaluate network coverage and performance.

Cybersecurity Services

A comprehensive and systematic approach to risk management and protection of critical infrastructure.

Performance Management Reports

Transforming raw network data into actionable information.


Integrating all the components of a communications system can be a difficult task. Motorola's Integration Services ensure that whatever your technical and operational requirements, we design and deliver a high-performance and cost-effective solution to meet them. From system planning and design to integration and implementation, you can rely on our integration experts, world class resources and proven processes to integrate and deploy your network.

Network Integration Services

Rely on our expertise and proven processes to prepare your network for deployment.

Design and Planning Services

Assessments and recommendations to help you develop the right technology roadmap for your organisation.

Mission-Critical Site Development

We will help you design and construct state-of-the-art facilities for your mission-critical communication requirements.

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