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Communication Services

Bringing communications solutions to life.

Communications solutions are at the heart of your operation. They help you connect to your teams and customers to achieve core operational objectives - enhancing user and customer experience, safety and productivity. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce the risks and downtime that can impact the success of your communications strategy.

As your operational partner, our services create a comprehensive voice and data communications strategy for you to embrace today’s challenges. We provide offerings to enable the full technology lifecycle, from expert consultation to help you assess, plan and design to your objectives to the technical support, monitoring and maintenance that backs your technology investments. Experienced integration and optimisation teams bring complex, interoperable systems to life while managed services lower costs and free your organisation to focus on its mission. And we back up our commitment to you with customer-defined SLAs and KPIs.

How to Buy

Integration Services

Service Packages for Infrastructure

  • Essential Services

    Technical support when you need it, so you can maintain and restore your system.

  • Advanced Services

    Rely on us to monitor and update your network, providing improved network response and continuity.

  • Premier Services

    Transfer day-to-day accountability to us to operate and optimise all or part of your system to maximise performance and reduce risk.

  • Selector Tool

    Find the right level of services to help you achieve your performance goals.

Airwave Services

  • UK Emergency

    Airwave Services

    A world-class mission-critical communication service that is proven to remain operational even in the toughest situations.

Service from the Start Packages

Tailored Support Services

  • Network Optimization Services

    Network Optimisation Services

    Enables you to upgrade, add features and change configurations while ensuring optimal system resources and seamless system performance.

  • Cybersecurity Services

    A comprehensive and systematic approach to risk management and protection of critical infrastructure.

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