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Safer Cities, Secure Businesses Africa

Safer Cities, Secure Businesses Africa

How do you make your cities safer and help your communities to thrive? How do you keep your businesses operating smoothly and securely in the face of security threats and process breakdowns?

The Safer Cities Africa initiative will help you turn information into intelligence you can act on, saving lives and reducing crime. The Secure Businesses Africa initiative will help you understand how new technologies and advanced communications can help you keep your business secure and on track.

We hold regular local conferences and participate in regional events as a key part of these initiatives. However, given the uncertainties introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are opening up new avenues for interaction with and connecting to Motorola Solutions and our portfolio. 

It is our pleasure to introduce the Motorola Solutions Virtual Experience Center.

Here you will be able to experience a virtual showcase of our Mission-Critical Technologies for Public Safety and Government and Business-Critical Technologies for Enterprise Customers and learn more about our mission-critical ecosystem which combines mission-critical communications, software, video and services.

The experience is hosted through a virtual portal and features products and solutions across the portfolio. Our mission-critical ecosystem shares knowledge across your entire operation to enable powerful collaboration, streamline workflows and drive performance. A single platform - where communications, software, video and services operate seamlessly together - to reveal the insights which drive meaningful change.

The Virtual Experience Center will be “always on”, so you may visit at any time by clicking this link:

For the future? We will be looking forward to showing you how new critical communications technologies can make a difference for your organisation. We will be sharing news, white papers and case studies that support the initiative and are relevant to Africa today.

Check back here for regular updates and join our digital community on LinkedIn: and Twitter: @MotSolsSSA

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