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Choose performance-matched Motorola Original™ audio accessories to meet your critical communication needs.

Our audio accessories are built and rigorously tested to the same quality standards as Motorola radios. Motorola's technology provides optimal audio performance assuring high quality communication.

How to Buy

  • PMLN5645A

    Neckline with in-line push-to-talk, beige.

  • PMLN5977

    Mag One over-the-ear swivel earpiece.

  • PMLN5729

    IMPRES ear microphone system.

  • PMLN5803

    Mag One lightweight earset with boom microphone.

  • PMLN5728

    Mag One receive-only swivel earpiece.

  • PMLN5646A

    Neckline with barrel push-to-talk, beige.

  • PMLN5653

    IMPRES Ear Microphone with Bone Conduction and programmable button, black

  • PMLN5494ASP01

    Mobile phone earbud and microphone, TCR1000 only.

  • PMLN5368ASP01

    Inductive patch with microphone, beige.

  • PMLN5274A

    D-shell receive-only earpiece.

  • PMLN5271A

    Large D-shell personal handsfree kit with push-to-talk, black.

  • PMLN5272A

    Small D-shell personal handsfree kit with push-to-talk, black.

  • MDRLN4885

    Receive-only covered earbud with coiled cord.

  • PMLN5147A

    Small D-shell receive-only earpiece, black.

  • PMLN5140A

    Large D-shell receive-only earpiece, black.

  • FTN6583A

    Earbud personal handsfree kit with push-to-talk, black.

  • PMLN5169A

    Flatpack with microphone, beige.

  • PMLN6757

    Adjustable D-style earpiece with in-line microphone and push-to-talk, black