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TETRA Portable Radio Antennas

Realise the full potential of your TETRA terminals with convenient and affordable accessories

From chargers and communication cables to carrying cases and holsters, these versatile accessories help you customise your TETRA terminals for optimal efficiency and convenience.

How to Buy

  • 8575277M01

    Stubby antenna, 800-870MHz.

  • PMAE4057

    Double loop body-worn antenna, 380-430MHz.

  • PMAE4059

    Flex dribble whip antenna with GPS, 380-430MHz.

  • PMAE4060

    Folded mono semi-rigid antenna with GPS, 380MHz.

  • PMAE4058

    Double loop body-worn antenna with GPS, 380MHz.

  • 8575278M01

    Stubby antenna 380-430MHz.