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MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radio Repeaters

Improve two-way radio communication coverage and eliminate dead spots with infrastructure designed with productivity in mind.

Extend range and overcome signal obstructions to ensure reliable communication between multiple locations or a single site. Features vary from integrated data applications to analogue to digital migration capabilities.

How to Buy

  • DR 3000

    The DR 3000 is an integral part of MOTOTRBO's complete digital two-way radio system.

  • SLR 1000 Repeater

    Using the SLR 1000 repeater, you can easily extend the range of your network through dead zones and across remote locations, so everyone’s within reach.

  • SLR 5500 Two-Way Radio Repeater

    The SLR 5500 Repeater delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service with all the features you need to connect your workplace.

  • SLR 8000

    The SLR 8000 Series delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service, optimised for your workplace.