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Easily Create and Leverage a Foundation of Knowledge

Reports that complete themselves. Information that is automatically organized. Responders that are always informed. This is how things should be. This is how things can be. Our Records & Evidence Software is built on our first-of-its-kind public safety platform and is designed to empower your team and information to be more productive.

Complete Reports Faster

Comprehensive, automated data collection helps officers seamlessly capture every bit of information they need, accurately, all in one place.

Do More By Managing Less

Advanced logic and context engines automatically complete processes and manage administrative tasks - so your team doesn’t have to.

Turn Insight Into Action

Instant accessibility, and new or improved ways to visualize information ensure it is available and most useful for those who need it, when they need it.

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Drive Progress and Prosperity

Since adopting CommandCentral Analytics and an Intelligence-Led Policing model, Kissimmee Police Department is better protecting their community and realizing a 16% reduction in property crime.


Transforming The Criminal Justice System - Pronto Case Study

Greater digitalisation saves processing and administration time and greatly increases the likelihood of obtaining a conviction through better quality evidence, captured on electronic, error free forms, perhaps with photos embedded as evidence.


West Yorkshire Police Transforms Front-Line Policing - Pronto Case Study

West Yorkshire Police realised their vision of transforming policing with real-time access to information and the ability to complete business processes on mobile devices. The solution also allows them to work offline and synchronise data later.

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Mobilized Digital Policing



CommandCentral Vault
All-In-One Digital Evidence Management

Evidence-Grade Mobile Camera App


CommandCentral Analytics
Advanced Crime Analysis & Prediction

CommandCentral Digital Evidence Management
Pronto simplifies and streamlines disparate business processes.

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