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Improve real-time situational intelligence

Provide a complete operating picture that integrates critical real-time intelligence in a single display including video, alerts and mapping data.

The right information at the right time.

CommandCentral Aware unifies voice, data and video into one single interface to increase your situational awareness so you can provide more support to those on the ground, and transform data into safety.

Easier Data Access & Analysis

Aggregate camera feeds, incident information, resource locations and other alerts, on a map or activity monitor with related information together in a single interface.

Verify Threats - More Certainty

Have eyes on a scene in real-time and instantly run searches to garner more information about suspicious activity. Create rules to automate processes so you have more time to investigate.

Better Protect The Front Line

Collaborate via voice, text and multimedia messaging for immediate sharing of critical intelligence to inform the best decisions.

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