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Connect the public with public safety

Foster trust and jumpstart new relationships with effective two-way communication that connects the community with local law enforcement.

How are you working with the community?

Your community has valuable knowledge and can be your most valuable partner if you have the right tools to connect. Through transparency and accessibility you can begin building that trust and working towards true partnership. Technology can help.

Built to boost transparency

Built to boost transparency

Address your community’s desire to know what is happening around them so they can be more aware.

Positioned to promote greater partnership

Positioned to promote greater partnership

Provide your citizens with the ability to share valuable intelligence and be a true public safety partner.

Connected to enhance communication

Connected to enhance communication

Support better ways to interact with those you serve by embracing new technology to stay connected.

Improve accessibility. Increase trust.

CommandCentral Community combines a full suite of capabilities into one, extensive engagement solution. Foster more authentic relationships with the public you serve through collaborative applications that inspire and empower community partnership.

Public crime map

Foster citizen awareness and build trust through transparency. Crime map displays incidents sanitised for public use and includes exploration tools for citizens and automated data updates.

Anonymous tipping

Promote open and efficient communication between your agency and your community with tipping service that enables two-way dialogues with an easy online tip submission for the public.

Unified citizen experience

Empower true public safety partnerships using community focused tools with a centralised, mobile first webpage for the public that provides integrations across your agency’s workflows.

Key Features

One-stop citizen experience

One-stop citizen experience

Empower your population to be public safety partners through a single, simple touchpoint for non-emergency public safety interactions.

Online police reporting

Online police

Reduce emergency calls with self-service tools for non-emergency incidents. The public can easily file necessary police reports with simple and customisable web forms.

Digital evidence


Seamlessly and securely collect and transfer digital media from the public to CommandCentral Vault to effectively manage your agency’s influx of digital evidence.

Camera registration


Deter and solve crime quickly with public registration of residential and commercial security camera locations so law enforcement can more quickly track down valuable evidence.

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