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Empowered by video

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Our end-to-end video solution helps you take charge and bring order to video footage and evidence. Fight crime, close cases faster, secure borders and protect infrastructure with built-in intelligence and power to manage vast amounts of high-res footage.

Advancing Video Security for Public Safety

Today, video is ubiquitous. It can be recorded in city streets, at borders, in buildings, and on the devices in our pockets. While it has revolutionised the way communities deter crime and bring suspects to justice, it can also overwhelm security and crime centres.

To be truly helpful, video solutions must fit within your existing workflow: from call handling, to dispatch, in the field, and during post-incident data collection.

End-to-end solutions for Public Safety

Our end-to-end video security solution helps simplify your operations

Seamlessly integrates with your existing technology investments. Built-in intelligence helps to keep you focused on what’s important.

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How do I find out more about Avigilon solutions for Public Safety?

Our latest video management software release has key features for public safety operators who can't afford to spend all their time looking at video screens where nothing happens for 99% of the time

Ivan Ruiz

Avigilon Business Development

Artificial intelligence: delivering actionable results

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