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Headsets provide a speaker ear-muff on a headband with a pad to keep the headset securely in position and to enhance comfort. Dual-muff models are also available that provide a speaker and muff for each ear.

The microphone is located at the end of a flexible boom, allowing it to be positioned directly in front of the mouth, helping to ensure good levels of voice pick up.

Calls are made using the inline Push-To-Talk (PTT) button located in the lead. The cable has a clip securing it in place on clothing, preventing the cable from snagging.

There are several categories of headset to address specific user needs. Ultra-light, lightweight, medium and heavy duty models are available to match a wide range of usage conditions and budgets. Some headsets also offer enhanced functionality such as noise cancelling microphones and hearing protection for very noisy environments. 


Ultra-light headsets offer simple, convenient functionality available in two types. Ear-sets consist of an on-ear speaker with boom microphone and ultra-light (also known as Breeze) headsets offer a flexible narrow steel band that fits snugly around the back of the head.


Light-weight headsets are usually worn over the top of the head. With the earpiece close to the ear providing discrete received audio, they prevent others from overhearing or from being disturbed by messages. 


In noisy environments like smelting plants, shunting yards, construction sites, heavy manufacturing or airports, noise levels can exceed safe levels and hearing protection is required.

Medium- and heavy-duty headsets have two ear cups with extra padding for enhanced hearing defence. The user listens to radio transmissions through both ears and talks through the flexible boom microphone, which is more robust and delivers better performance than light-weight designs.


Motorola offers a range of audio solutions designed for specific applications. The temple transducer headset allows the user to hear clearly, but leaves their ears clear of obstructions, Tactical headset solutions provide a range of earpiece and microphone combinations that can be worn with head and eye protection, wireless headsets and earpieces remove wires that can get snagged and provide the flexibility to move away from the radio and for users working in potentially explosive environments, Motorola also offers ATEX compliant headsets.


IMPRES technology is exclusive to Motorola and allows audio accessories to communicate with the radio to optimise performance and voice intelligibility, even in noisy situations. These headsets can detect the changes in voice level when the user turns their head, holds the microphone further away or speaks softly and automatically adjusts its setting for optimal performance. That means the listener experiences consistent audio and doesn’t miss calls or have to continually change volume levels. 


Motorola Original accessories are the only ones designed and tested together with the radios as a complete solution to ensure the highest performance, quality and regulatory compliance. Add to that the unique IMPRES technology for enhanced audio. With a huge range from simple ultra-light to heavy-duty ATEX certified and everything in between, Motorola Solutions can offer the right device for the right user.