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Business Communication Guide


In today’s competitive world where conditions can change at a moment’s notice, companies have to communicate seamlessly to maximize efficiency, productivity and safety.

But do you know what makes a truly robust communications network, or even how important its role is in succeeding in everyday operations and hitting your overall business objectives? How do you know whether your current network is optimised for your business? And if there is room to improve, what steps can you take to get things working more smoothly?

Our new communications guide leads you through the criteria you need to consider in evaluating your business, then maps out a path you could take to evolve your platform. It highlights technology that’s relevant to your needs, supports your objectives and achieves your goals. Key benefits of evolving your communications include:

  • Predictable Budgeting: Device solutions with fixed fees keep costs under control
  • Reliable Communications: Rugged devices are designed for the job with better coverage and audio
  • Complete Interoperability: Linking individuals, workgroups and teams minimizes delays
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Integrating latest applications helps you run and monitor operations seamlessly
  • Boosted Productivity: Utilizing compatible accessories enhances usage and performance
  • Heightened Safety: Features such as location tracking, Lone Worker and Man Down protect workers
  • Enhanced Security: Encrypted messaging prevents eavesdropping from unauthorized users



This guide will help you answer that question. It will navigate you through what you need look at and what solutions you can introduce, or evolve, to help eradicate any failures or gaps in your current communication network.

Throughout 2018 we will be adding chapters to this guide, each one tackling a different communication solution.

We start by illustrating the importance of communication within any successful business and then goes on to give you helpful tips on how and what to assess in your current solution. You will then be ready to look specifically at two-way radio technology solutions and understand which devices are relevant to your needs to support your business objectives and achieve your own personal goals.

This interactive guide gives you the opportunity to:
  • Understand what makes communication so vital
  • Benchmark evaluation points for your current solutions
  • Identify today’s technological solutions that fit your needs
  • Determine what radios will work for you
  • Explore the features of Motorola Solutions four different radio families
  • Make an informed choice of devices that complement your business strategy


When it comes to communication there is no one-size-fits-all approach. From the network to the devices deployed every business, and employee, has their own unique requirements. Start with evaluating your needs, and if you’re after some helpful tips in what to assess download our Guide. Once you have an idea of what to look for in your radios Motorola Solutions will have the device for you, afterall we have four radio families to select from.


The MOTOTRBO family is a favourite with businesses due to its vast range of devices and combined voice and data communication capabilities. With the latest digital technology MOTOTRBO brings all the benefits of instant push-to-talk communication to boost any operational productivity, efficiency and safety.



Our unlicensed radios are the most simple of radio solutions. Designed to maximise your business performance and avoid monthly mobile phone call charges you get ready-to-use license-free device with a range of up to 10km.

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