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OPC Alarm Client for Radios

OPC Alarm Client for Radios

Transform your Motorola radio into an OPC Alarm Client.

Stream your alarm list from your portable radio. OPCUA Compatibility with most PLCs.

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This firmware upgrade will transform your 2-way radios into an OPC Alarm Client. The operators are able to stream the control room alarm list from their portable radios with powerful alarm features such as Alarm Acknowlegment, automatic dispatch, alarm escallation, display of alarm severity levels. This alarm dispatch solution establishes an OPCUA connection with the Alarm Server (many alarm servers) and automatically broadcasts those alarms over a MOTOTRBO infrastructure.

  • Stream the alarm list from the radio
  • Acknowledge alarms from the radio
  • Alarm Severity Levels
  • Automatic Alarm dispatch mechanism
  • Alarm Escalation
  • OPC/OPCUA compatibility
  • One to many connections to OPCAE servers
  • Alarm Aggreation from several alarm sources
  • Alarm Acknowledgment output as a DA item enabling the operator      acknowledgment retrofit into the control loop
  • Portable alarm list for explosive environments
  • Location and operator name retrofit at the time of the alarm acknowledgment
  • Alarm List on the portable radio 
  • OPC UA compatible
  • Displays alarm severity levels 
  • Alarm acknowledgments
  • Connect to many simultaneous alarm sources
  • Alarm aggregation
  • Alarm escalation

Radio Hardware/ Releases Compatibility

  • DP4600 with GOB, DP4801 Atex radio.
  • General Option board (PMLN7324AS)

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • Alarm Client computer (Windows XP, seven, 10, 32 or 64 bit architecture, min 2GB RAM) 

IP Technology

  • Use a mobile radio as a gateway to the Mototrbo infrastructure. For instance DM400e, part number MDM28JNC9VA2AN front connector, use part number HKN6184C or back connector use part number PMKN4010B
  • OPCUA Server

System Architecture

  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus

Other Requirements