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Multikom IP

Mission critical dispatch solution

Dispatch solution offering interroperability, scalability and custom features designed for mission critical environment.

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As compared to the older system Multikom 2, the new control unit has a different logic architecture and significantly greater commutation capabilities. It is a so-called „soft-switch” and is based on the latest generation of signal processors, running natively in the IP protocol. Multikom IP is also equipped with PCM and CAN bus connectors, allowing it to be used as a central unit controlling the interface cards of the Multikom 2 system.

In one 1U housing, it is possible to install a dual central unit and two additional expansion cards. If system expansion is needed, further slots for additional cards are installed and connected on top of each other. All peripherals communicate with the Multikom IP system using the IP protocol, i.e. digital dispatch consoles, local and remote radiotelephone controllers, VoIP telephony network and the networks of digital radio systems. If special codec or increased capacity is required, an additional expansion card is used. The entire voice commutation and control takes place at the central unit level.

  • High reliability of in-house designed hardware
  • In-house designed real-time operating system
  • Interoperability with many radio and telephone networks
  • Customisability and external API
  • Integration of all standard telephone interfaces
  • Ergonomic solutions with client defined GUI
  • Individual and group calls;
  • Conference calls (duplex and simplex networks);
  • Open mode operation and monitoring of multiple radio channels;
  • Transmitting into multiple networks at the same time (Multi PTT);
  • Manual and automatic switching between different radio networks (Radio Patches)
  • Interconnection of radio and telephone networks (Inter-connect);
  • Automatic switching according to signal strength (Voting).
  • Advanced call distribution;
  • Intercom;
  • Noise suppression;
  • Transmission of active telephone call into a radio network.
  • Radio Hardware /Releases Compatibility
    -  Motorola mobile radios - old analog models, MOTOTRBO and TETRA models.

  • Computer Hardware /Operating Systems
    - Our solution runs on our custom hardware.
  • IP Technology
    - Requires IP connection between central unit, consoles and radio remote controllers.

  • Interface
    - Possility to connect telephone interfaces (analog lines, ISDN, SIP)  and other radio non-MOTOTRBO systems.
  • System Architecture
    - IP Site Connect
    - Capacity Plus
    - Linked Capacity Plus
    - Connect Plus