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GPS location and Emergency software for MOTOTRBO

GPS and indoor location software. Emergency management. Full web client/server application multi-users and multi-sites

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LIO DMR is a powerful GPS location solution for MOTOTRBO radios: Outdoor location, indoor location (RFID and ibeacon), text messenging, emergency alarms, man down, radio and users status.You can manage your radio users activities in real time, communicate, and guarantee their safety thanks to the emergency, man-down, and active monitoring features.LIO is based on a full web IP client/server architecture, multi-users and multi-sites. You don't need to install any software nor Map on client side.The map used is standard (WMS) and mains GIS files can be integrated (Autocad, ESRI, MAPINFO...). A geocoding and street search engine if supplied with our solution.LIO DMR can be supplied ready to run and configured on an industrial PC or installed on your server.LIO DMR works with all MOTOTRBO radio networks types : Conventional, IP site Connect, Capacity plus and Linked Capacity plus. It can be use with radio base station or direct IP link with repeater.

  • Manage your users activities with location
  • Increase reactivity with real time
  • Ensure lone worker safety
  • Best coordination of work with Messenging
  • Active monitoring features
  • Direct IP or base station mode
  • Multi-user and Multi-site management
  • User maps integration
  • Optimally tailored and configured to your needs
  • Real time location GPS / Indoor (iBeacon and RFID)
  • Show your radio users on map
  • Show radio states (ON/OFF)
  • Automatic location updates and on-demand
  • Map and Point of interest integration
  • Geocoding and street search
  • Activity reports and analysis
  • Location tracing on map
  • POI report visits
  • Streets report visits
  • Alerts et Man down
  • Visual and sound Alerts
  • Text To Speech notification (voice syntesis)
  • Radio network active monitoring
  • Emergency forward on mail and SMS
  • Text messenging

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility

  • DM4600/DM4601 DM4400/DM4401 DM3400/DM3401 DM3600/DM3601 DP4601 DP4401 DP4801 DP3601 DP3401 DP3441 DR3000 / MTR3000 / SLR5000

Computer Hardware/Operating Systems

Minimal configuration

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, serveur 2008, serveur 2016 and further
  • HDD 250Go / RAM 4Go
  • Processor 1,9Ghz

IP Technology

  • Requires IP connection for multi-user clients
  • Requires IP connection to Repeaters (if no base stations)

System Architecture

  •  Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.