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Datavoice Libra Recorder


A comprehensive interaction recorder software solution for radio networks, that seamlessly captures, stores and manages voice, screen, SDS including location information and status events.

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When communications are mission critical and reliability is key, the ability to record these is more important than ever. Leverage the benefits of rapid response and incident reconstruction with the DataVoice recording solution for voice, screen, Short Data Service (SDS) including location information and status messages on your TETRA network.

The DataVoice TETRA focused solution is ideal for police, fire and emergency services, as well as public safety, railways, utility providers, defence services and other users of the TETRA solution.

It facilitates the reliable recording of TETRA audio, SDS traffic and status events to monitor and reconstruct incidents, support accurate auditing of communications, including telemetry and a visual representation of location information (LIP messages sent via SDS) on a map with detailed device information and a comprehensive timeline.

  • Fully integrated with systems for seamless deployments.

  • Cost effective recording architecture.

  • Minimal hardware footprint.

  • Intuitive and useable with minimal training required.

  • Superior reliability and functionality.
  • A choice of playback user interfaces are available.

  • Supports high traffic rates and scales easily.

  • Enforces security down to the user or group level.

  • System access via secure, encrypted HTTPS connections.
  • Multiple agency support with agency specific user administration through a web-based user interface.
  • Fully redundant architectures to ensure maximum uptime and resiliency.
  • A single recorder can integrate with multiple Archiving Interface Severs (AIS) and Short Data Routers (SDR).

  • Records Talk Groups as well as Private and Telephone Interconnect calls.

  • Caters for multi-zone and roaming implementations

  • Fully supports the TETRA critical resource feature.

  • The recording solution captures rich radio network call information.

  • Recording and playback of TETRA End-to-End- Encrypted (E2EE) voice calls.

  • A central unified database enables interactions recorded on multiple recorders in different geographical locations to be viewed and stored centrally.
  • Records TETRA audio in its native format to preserve quality and reduce storage requirements.
  • Support for mixed environments enables telephony and radio recording on the same system.

  • Multi-channel scenario recreation enables the visualisation of complex scenarios.

  • Captures point-to-point and broadcast SDS message content.

  • Records Location Information Protocol (LIP) messages transported via SDS and visualise it either Google maps or offline tile server.

  • Captures Radio User Identity (RUI) via MCADI integration.

  • Logs status messages via ECADI integration.

  • Integrates with Computer Aided Dispatch software (CAD).

  • Radio device reporting and usage statistics.

  • Supports TETRA Emergency Alarm notifications.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • Motorola Solutions MCC7500 and Motorola Archiving Interface Server (AIS) for voice Capture.

  • Motorola Solutions Short Data Router for Short Data Service (SDS) and Location Information (LIP) Capture.

Computer Hardware /Operating Systems

  • Server hardware - COTS.

  • Operating System (Microsoft Server 2019 Standard Edition + CALs).

  • SQL Server - Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express/Standard Edition + CALs.

IP Technology

  • The Libra recorder requires a minimum of one IP connection interface. Dual interface connections are preferred for redundancy and NIC teaming is supported.
System Architecture
  • DIMETRA IP Scalable

  • DIMETRA IP Micro

  • DIMETRA IP Compact