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Option board for dp/dm4xxx radios - select 5, man down and in-house localisation

The k-term44 option board provides man down, beacon receiver for in-house localisation, select 5 decoding and encoding for special applications.


The K-TERM44 is an option board that can be fitted on the following radios: portable radios DP440x, DP460x and DP480x and mobile radios DM440x, DM460x and DM480x.

The following options are available on the K-TERM44 option board:
• Man Down sensor.
• Beacon receiver for in-house localisation.
• Select 5 decoding and encoding for special applications.

On analogue channels, the K-TERM44 is a select 5 decoding and encoding module with Man Down alarm functionality. On digital channels the following alarms can be set: Man Down, no movement, lone worker, telemetry input lines, manual alarm. It can be used for in-house localisation. Signals from beacons are detected (K-TERM70) and position is sent to the base.

Programming the functionality is easy thanks to the K-TERM CPS program. Once the option board is installed in the radio, and the radio attached to the PC with the Motorola USB cable, the CPS program allows users to set all parameters and save them in the option board. When a new option board firmware is released, it can be uploaded to the option board using the same CPS programme.

Supported Languages

• Lone Worker alarm.

• Man Down alarm.

• No movement alarm.

• Telemetry input line alarm.

• In-house localisation.

• Universal Option Board.

• 5-Tone Signaling.

• Console for analogue mode.

• All buttons programmable for encoding sequences.

• Customised options.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
DP440x/DP460x/DP480x and DM440x/DM460x/DM480x.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
Windows 2000/XP/VISTA with installed Motorola USB drivers for connecting the DMR radios.

USB programming cable from Motorola.


Other Requirements
After installing the option board in the radio, the Motorola dealer must be equipped with the tools to restore the radio to become truly watertight. The necessary tools and information are available from Motorola.