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Herning D.H.R.

Telephone interface telephone gateway, phone patch

Datahertz have developed a set of affordable applications for all radio users to extend their Mototrbo use.


As an automated management of the radio network, Herning D.H.R. Telephone Interface provides a gateway between the telephone network through analogue private and public land lines, GSM modem or Inmarsat satellite systems and a two way radio analogue or digital network, computer systems via port RS 232 (for computer, printer and modem) and external audio equipment via a microphone input and speaker output (for intercom, desktop and speech synthesis).

The installation of the Herning D.H.R. Telephone Interface is easy, and full support is provided by a hotline service.

A typical application for the Herning D.H.R. Telephone Interface is security. With the DHR Telephone Interface, a security guard can at the same time manage incoming phone calls, technical alarms and control access. The interface functionalities then integrate to give a safe radio link test, alarm management (up to 42 alarms), lone worker safety and guard tour features.

Additional Resources

Supported Languages

• Standard 5-tone signaling: EEA, ZVEI 1 & 2, CCIR; special signaling on demand.

• DTMF coding and decoding of telephone and radio voice.

• Programming settings can be modified remotely by DTMF.

• Energy use: 12V, 200mA.

• Easily adapted to system requirements.

• Customisable voice messages to help with use and transmission of technical alarms..

• Small dimensions: 265x265x75 mm or in rack 19’’ 2U, weight: 2kg.

• French approval No 98500Z ed A.

Radio hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO R1.08.00.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
Repeater with the phone patch license DR3000 or MTR3000.

One telephone interface on one repeater.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional system, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus.