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Complete solution for indoor safety

Herning safety LOC is an integrated solution for the safety of people and assets designed for protection services of building, hotels, prisons or industrial sites. It was designed with professionals from the protection sector and constantly evolve with their needs.


Herning SAFETY LOC is a complete solution for indoor safety combining indoor localisation with active beacons and security, lone worker and man down applications.

The addition of an option card in the MOTORBO terminals can greatly increase their functionality. Herning SAFETY LOC is a set of firmware applications hosted on the option card. The option card has a beacon detection circuit (868 MHz ISM) providing a location address. This location address is sent to the Polyalerte application through the MOTOTRBO network, continuously or during guard tour and for specific events (man down, button press). Indeed, the application also provides detection of loss of verticality, alert of no movement, crash detect and a continuous testing of the radio link. A complete programming software and supporting documentation makes it easy to deploy the Herning SAFETY LOC application.

The solution includes battery-efficient ISM wireless beacons. The RFID tags can be read with an external Bluetooth reader. And the Polyalerte software manages the entire system: overview of location, broadcasting alarm voice messages, guard tour management in real time.

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Supported Languages

• Real-time transmission or only when an alarm is raised of the location of the last beacon sensed.

• Optimisation in case of multiple beacons detection.

• Rapid transmission rate (150 or 300 ms): meaning a detection even if rapid transit terminal.

• ACK transmitted digitally with or without delay.

• Beacon adjustable range: 2 to 10 meters.

• Report Low battery detection beacon.

• Self-powered beacons (lithium battery, autonomy 3 years).

• Address of the beacon detected on the terminal display.

• Beacon test tools available.

• Updating firmware without disassembly via the GOBFlash utility.

• Compatible with TRBOnet Application Dispatcher and Polyalerte.

• Herning SAFETY LOC offers the same functionality as Herning SAFETY MD (loss of verticality, no movement, crash detect, loud bip location, positive security ...).

Polyalerte functionality

• Management of guard tour.

• Real-time visualisation of terminals location.

• Broadcast voice messages (alarm location, guard tour, on duty ...).

• Multi system (DMR, TETRA, analogue).

Radio Hardware / Releases compatibility
MOTOTRBO from R1.08.00 (DP/DM3000) or R2.04.01 (DM/DP4000).

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC Windows XP / Vista / Seven / Win8.


MOTOTRBO System Architecture
MOTOTRBO Analogue channel, Direct mode, conventional system, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.