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HermesTRX Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System

Indoor & outdoor positioning System for mototrbo

With both indoor tracking and wide-area gps positioning, hermestrx Allows a dispatcher to track and manage assets and staff throughout Buildings and outdoors seamlessly.


The hermesTRX is a plug-and-play professional cost effective real time Indoor Positioning and GPS fleet management system using various mapping platforms including Google Earth. It is configurable through a built-in web server to track and manage vehicles or personnel assets by GPS enabled Motorola Solutions radios. The maximum number of subscribers that are traceable at the same time depends on version, but is typically between 20 and 500 subscribers. The solution can be used to present a dispatcher with an overview of the location and status of assets both outdoors using GPS and indoor utilizing a number of hermesTRX beacons transmitting a unique ID. Fitted inside the MOTOTRBO™ radio is a transponder indoor option board, which also includes man down functionality. A dedicated floor plan upload interface into hermesTRX makes it very simple to display floor plans and place beacons on the dispatchers screen – which also includes display of emergency situations. The system comes with a detailed user set-up manual and example CPS files and associated firmware. The solution utilizes the most up-to-date mapping platforms, which is free for use. The solution is priced in a category, which normally demands a much higher entry price. The solution is modular in design, which enables users to upgrade the system with new features or functions on the fly. The solution is fully integrated with the hermesTRX man down solution.

• Indoor and outdoor positioning.

• Built-in web server for browser based operation.

• Multi-user access and remote facility.

• ARS, Telemetry, Job-Dispatching, Emergency Email, Recording and Playback.

• Voice Dispatching for multiple users.

• Geo-Fencing.

• Comes with a detailed user set-up manual and example CPS files and associated firmware.

• No monthly recurring investment costs (opex), no costs associated with software, map licences or monthly recurring fees.

• Flexible Mapping Engine, uses the most up-to-date mapping platform which is free of charge.

• Supports MOTOTRBO™ ‘Enhanced GPS’.

• User-friendly interface.

• A standard web browser is all that is required to set up and use the system. There are no complex drivers, databases etc to be installed.

• Flexible Mapping Engine provides the option of choosing OpenStreetMap, ESRI, Google™ Earth or any customer raster or vectorial tab format maps.

• Reverse Geocoding allows to convert GPS coordinates into street addresses.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
All MOTOTRBO™ Portables.

hermesTRX is hardware, which fits between the customer’s LAN and the MOTOTRBO™ network. In order to integrate this application, only MOTOTRBO™ and Ethernet cables are required.


MOTOTRBO™ System Architecture
Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus.