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Globberry R-Monitoring Solution

Next Generation Alarm & Performance Management for TETRA

360-degree view of your TETRA network health and performance in a single application


Globberry alarm & performance management solution is targeted at TETRA network operators with DIMETRA or Xcore systems, providing a 360-degree view of network health and performance in a single, intuitive, web-based Graphical User Interface. Our solution fully supports UEM NBI and ATIA protocols, allowing us to diplay radio system usage information down to details of a single radio or a single call. 

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Supported Languages

  • Single pane of glass' view of network health and performance
  • Detailed customizable reports on historical and current network usage
  • Realtime view of network utilization allows radio network team to ensure efficient allocation of radio resources


  • Fully Web-based application - no client installation required, no limits on number of consoles accessing the application
  • Improved reaction time for network outages due to intuitive display of affected network components and built-in notifications
  • Full support for ATIA protocol to provide maximum level of detail in TETRA network utilization
  • Full support for UEM NBI protocol to capture all system alarms and map them to a graphical representation of affected network element


  • Customizable dashboards to allow network engineers to see the most important information first
  • Unix-based, cloud-native architecture ensures unparalleled scalability

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:

  • No specific requirements to radio hardware

Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:

  • Unix operating system (e.g. CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu etc)
  • Docker virtualization environment
  • VMWare (optional)

IP Technology:

  • Server or Virtual Machine hosting the solution needs IP connectivity to UEM and ATR, as well as connectivity to client hosts


  • ATIA

System Architecture:

  • Dimetra IP Scalable
  • Dimetra IP Micro 
  • Dimetra IP Compact

Other Requirements:

  • R-Monitoring GUI can be accessed either directly from the server, or from any number of client PCs with IP connectivity to the server. Client PCs must support Chrome browser to access and display the GUI properly.