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GenWatch3 Trio

Billing and provisioning solution

GenWatch3® combines power and innovation to provide the tools necessary to monitor, manage and report on ASTRO 25 and Dimetra two-way communications networks. GenWatch3® gathers information from multiple connection points and provides ata-glance views of network performance from every angle from system-wide down to the subscriber.


The Genesis Group GenWatch3® Trio™ is a Windows® based Customer Care and Billing solution. It is designed to help manage and bill thousands of accounts associated with the SMARTZONE, ASTRO® and Dimetra trunking systems.

Precise provisioning and management of inventory, accounting, billing and client care are hallmarks of a strong business. Genesis Trio is designed to work specifically with Dimetra and ASTRO® systems, assembling individual usage details such as telephone, group call and private call to generate accurate billing according to the rules you set. In-depth reports provide detailed metrics for market and traffic analysis.

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• Complete Billing Solution. Takes total control of your billing by enabling you to go from contract to invoice for Dimetra and SMARTZONE wireless communication systems.

• Easy to Use. Simple to set up and use - activate, deactivate and change user features in the System Controller from your GUI screen.

• All Your Company information in One Place. Stores and utilises a wealth of data to more efficiently manage your customers and radio systems. Multiple companies can be accessed from one installation of Trio. Trio records Company Name, Address, hone, Email, Shipping Info, Customer Care contacts and Billing Options by company. Define open/close accounting periods manually or automatically.

• Set up Churn codes to define why radio units are activated or deactivated and set up billing frequencies and cycles for use during invoicing.

• Access to all customer care information from one screen.

• Store multiple billing and shipping addresses per customer and set default address and options for each (invoice detail, language, frequency etc).

• View and manage discount and recurring charges assigned to a customer - lists all transactions posted to an account and displays the total balance.

• Basic Commissioning & Inventory module stores information about each individual inventory item.

• Invoice customers on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis and create one-time invoices for non-recurring charges.

• Fixed Fee Calculation - Allows automatic pro-rating of normal monthly fees.

• Interface to Client Master Accounting System supplier or VAR.

• Utilises SAP Crystal Reports as the basis for billing to create professional invoices complete with logos and comments.

Requires a LAN connection to the Zone Controller. It is supported on Dimetra IP, Dimetra IP Micro and Dimetra IP Compact.

No specific TETRA radio requirements.