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The right devices. The right people. The Right time.

Provides work ticket management integration, e-mail and SMS messaging, system monitoring and reporting, scalability, security, affordable prices and unbeatable service for meeting and exceeding your notification gateway needs.

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DAPage is a Software as a Service gateway to the Motorola MOTOTRBO family of products, supporting all of the available MOTOTRBO topologies from a conventional control station and a half dozen subscribers to thousands of radios on a Connect Plus™ regional deployment, and we will be adding support for Capacity-Max latter this year.

Using our hosted services we can enable MOTOTRBO display / data capable radios to receive and send transactions sourced from many different applications ranging from traditional pager based messaging, to two-way work order and dispatch application needs, to advance location GPS, SCADA, IoT based notifications and most important your customer’s applications.

• Plug and play cloud based solutions feature quick installation and no additional overhead.

• Service based solution easily adapts with you and your technology as your needs change.

• Maximum data security and stability.

• Ongoing service & support, including ongoing updates to adopt to new technology.

• Full Mototorbo support for all display /data capable radios including the upcoming Capacity Max.

• Diverse interface capabilities from basic e-mail to Restful WEB Service interfaces.

• Extended capabilities for Man down, Emergency, and Lone Worker.

• Support for LRRP(GPS), SCADA, IOT, and custom\protocols for interfaces to alarms and control systems.

• Proactive built in monitoring and alerting capabilities including Coverage Resolution to Site Connectivity.

• Detail and exception transaction logging and reporting.

• RSSI and activity Study capabilities

Radio Hardware/ Releases Compatibility

MOTOTRBO XPR4000, XPR5000, XPR6000, XPR7000, SL7000 are all supported for the data messaging / Location / Telemetry / Application interface(s) and Safety / Administrative and Diagnostic needs of the user. Other members of the family, limited to voice traffic such as the XPR3000 and SL300 are supported from an administrative and diagnostic level.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

The MOTOTRBO family is supported through our DAGate™ Controller with is the bridge between our SaaS services and the MOTOTRBO system.

IP Technology

For many facets of installation both a outbound connection for establishing the secure VPN tunnel to our SaaS center as well as a link to the MOTOTRBO™ system for various licensed protocols is established by the DAGate™ Controller.


  • Depending on the configuration of the end users system, Control Stations, or the MNIS//DDMS server or a XRC/XRT controller will be needed.
  • Customer will need to provide appropriate network services, UPS and power stability for the installation. Network services must include a drop that can make an outbound connection to our designated SaaS center based on a fully qualified domain name we publish.