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PDR Licensing

Private Digital Radio (PDR) is a national standard developed specifically for use in the People's Republic of China (PRC) by an alliance of manufacturers and the State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC), which includes the State Radio monitoring center Testing Center (SRTC).

PDR operates within two tiers:

Tier I

• Direct Mode operation only

Tier II

• Licensed operation [subject to national frequency planning]

• Includes PDR repeater operation

Motorola Solutions' PDR Standards-Based Licensing program grants rights to Motorola Solutions' PDR essential patent families. Since Motorola Solutions' patent portfolio is large and expanding, additional patents determined to be essential to the PDR standard are occasionally identified. Once identified, Motorola Solutions declares the patent to the PDR standard and PDR licensees automatically gain access to these patents without additional cost or administrative burden.

The term of a Motorola Solutions PDR Standards-Based License is for the life of the last-to-expire essential patents, or until both parties decide to cease PDR equipment manufacturing, whichever comes first. Grants include the right to make, distribute and sell PDR compliant equipment within mainland China. The PDR Standards-Based License is subject to reciprocity. That is, licensees are required to cross-license any patents they may own or control that may be essential to the PDR standard or that are found to be essential in the future.

Equipment manufacturers entering the PDR marketplace are encouraged to contact Motorola Solutions' Licensing Department to obtain the necessary essential patent rights prior to fielding equipment. The Motorola Solutions PDR Essential Patent License is available to any manufacturer that has received written authorization from the SRTC.  The License Agreement is free of charge. 

The license may be obtained through a simple registration process. Download, complete and sign the PDR Standards-Based License Agreement. Once complete, email a copy of the Agreement to or fax it to +1.847.576.3750. A fully executed copy of the Agreement will be returned to the licensee via email.

Customers or agencies seeking to purchase or use PDR equipment should discuss essential patent license rights with their prospective vendor/manufacturer. Unwelcome delays, program risks and costs can be encountered if PDR equipment is purchased from an unlicensed manufacturer.