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Distributed Power Amplifier


Motorola Solutions’ Distributed Power Amplifier (DPA) technology provides an efficient broadband RF power amplifier to meet the needs of broadband or multi-mode applications from 100 MHz to 2.5GHz operation. This technology has been proven in an integrated solution (including inductors that do not require external impedance matching components) up to 10 watts output power with 50 ohms termination loading. The only external components required are DC blocking capacitors and DC supply coupling components.

How It Works

The basic DPA concept originated with the need to provide power amplification of television signals with 6 MHz of operating bandwidth in 1936. Transformation of the device shunt capacitance into a transmission line model provided a broadband traveling wave network at the input and output. Motorola Solutions’ research developed general vector combining relations, known as virtual impedance, that lead to the development of an output traveling wave network, thus eliminating the reverse wave impedance termination. The result is a broadband power amplifier with the efficiency properties of any other amplifier architecture. The basic DPA architecture can be implemented as an integrated solution using any technology. Individual amplifier section designs can be optimized class-xyz for specific applications, and the gain block is suitable for embedding within linearization or other advanced RF signal processing systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a broadband RF power amplifier with 50 ohm input/output termination loading
  • Can be implemented in an integrated solution, including inductors
  • No external input/output matching components required
  • Accommodates a wide range of device integrated technology
  • Single-ended or differential implementation possible
  • Alternative 50 ohm termination impedance possible
  • Reduced design/development cycle time