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Your public safety virtual

ViQi™ simplifies routine tasks so
you can focus on what matters

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Meet ViQi, your AI virtual assistant

When you have questions, you need answers fast. It’s ViQi’s job to give you information quickly, so you stay safe and effective. Driver`s licence check? Just ask her. Need to change the channel? She’s on it. All while you stay eyes-up,
and focused on your mission.

Voice Control available now, Virtual Partner from 2021.

Ask ViQi to find back up

Where is Unit 347?
Unit 347 is at 500 West Monroe Street

Ask ViQi to change a channel

Change zone to LOCAL, channel to TAC ONE
Zone LOCAL, channel TAC ONE

Ask ViQi to check a driver`s license

ID check New South Wales licence tango-8-3-7-4-6
New South Wales licence tango-8-3-7-4-6.
Is that correct?
Results found
Go ahead
Three outstanding warrants found

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Why do you need ViQi?

Made for public safety, ViQi uses simple audio prompts and knows your terminology. Whether running a plate or changing channels, she helps you focus on the situation.


of officers query databases
10 or more times per shift *


of officers prefer requesting
license plate checks verbally *


of officers in the USA
are on patrol alone **

*2016 PoliceOne.com Virtual Personal
Assistant Online Survey
**2017 PoliceOne.com and LSU
"Policing in a Post-Ferguson Society"

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ViQi simplifies tasks so you can focus on your mission. Request a Demo

AI from Motorola Solutions

Using proven mission-critical design principles, our AI assists and augments public safety decision-making.

AI from Motorola Solutions

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Human in the loop

Our AI never takes consequential actions independently. The human makes the decisions.

Focused application

We apply AI to specific tasks where we can help agencies respond faster and more efficiently.

Mature AI

We use simple and field tested AI components for more predictable, reliable outcomes.

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I could change the zone and change the channel by just telling her. I didn't have to take the radio out of my belt. I could see that voice control being very handy on a day-to-day, all-day basis."

Law enforcement integration software

Mike Zollars

Patrol Lieutenant, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
police car with lights

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