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DEP 450 Portable Two-Way Digital Radio

Simple Voice Communications

Simple and affordable, the DEP 450 portable two-way analogue/digital radio connects your workforce efficiently—and has the flexibility to grow with your business. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analogue and digital technology, the DEP 450 is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected. 

You can also choose the analogue-only DEP 450 model, which gives you great voice communications today, with a path to crisp and clear digital voice communications when you’re ready. All you will need is a simple software upgrade.

Whatever your needs, the DEP 450 provides a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help work crews connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. Improve the efficiency of your operation with easy-to-use voice communication that’s right for you.

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