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UHF Radio Antenna & Antenna Accessories


Explore our range of UHF Radio Antenna solutions that suits your needs. Integrated GPS and various frequency ranges.

How to Buy

  • 8566504A01

    Whip Antenna 440-470MHz (with integrated GPS antenna)

  • 8566504A02

    Stubby Antenna 440-470MHz (with integrated GPS antenna)

  • 8566504A04

    Antenna, Whip, 350 - 390Mhz, GPS

  • 8575280M01

    Stubby Antenna 380-430MHz (with integrated GPS antenna)

  • 85007012001

    Short Stubby Antenna Integrated Rf/GPS 380-430 Mhz

  • 8587526V14

    Stubby (Medium Length) 380-435MHz