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How to Buy

  • RKN4136A

    Ignition sense cable used to connect the battery to the radio chassis.

  • PMKN4143A

    DM4000 Series Remote Mount 3-Metre Cable Kit

  • PMKN4144A

    DM4000 Series Remote Mount 5-Metre Cable Kit

  • PMLN6404A

    PMLN6404 Remote Mount Adapter Kit

  • RLN6469A

    Low Profile Trunnion Kit keeps the radio tucked up under the dash.

  • HKN4192B

    Mobile to Car Battery Installation Cable

  • RLN6467A

    This is a mounting bracket for under the dashboard with extra clearance so the radio can be tilted for a better view. It can also be used for floor mounting.

  • RLN6465B

    Ideal if you prefer to mount the radio directly into the dashboard for a better appearance, or to keep it from being an obstruction in the vehicle.

  • RLN6468A

    This mounting bracket with key lock helps provide extra protection from theft.

  • HKN4137A

    Cables used to connect the battery to the radio chassis.

  • HKN4191B

    Mobile to Car Battery Installation Cable

  • RSN4005A

    Convert your mobile into a basic base station.

  • PMLN5072A

    PMLN5072 MOTOTRBO Rear Mobile Connector Two-Way Radio Accessory

  • APN6153B

    Power supply 12V 8A with battery management and fan control.

  • GLN7318

    Convenient mount for mobile radio on a desk.