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Audio and Voice Accessories

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  • PMMN4022

    Remote Speaker Microphone With 3.5 mm Audio Jack for mini Professional Series

  • AARMN4027

    This is a visor microphone designed for use with external Push-to-Talk accessories. Requires RLN4857B, RLN4856A or RLN4858A for operation.

  • AARMN4026

    Provides full numeric keypad and three programmable buttons

  • PMMN4045

    Water-resistant remote speaker microphone with technology for clear communication, a 3.5mm audio jack and 6-foot coiled cord assembly.

  • PMMN4027

    Submersible (IP57) remote speaker microphone rated intrinsically safe.

  • PMLN4607

    2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear Acoustic Earpiece

  • PMMN4038

    Reduces background noise from windy and severe conditions

  • HSN8145

    7.5W External Speaker

  • PMLN4608

    2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Clear Acoustic Earpiece (professional-mini)

  • PMAE4049

    UHF wideband flexible whip antenna for the 450-512 MHz range.

  • PMMN4015A

    Small remote speaker microphone with emergency button.