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Stay connected to your lifeline with SmartConnect

SmartConnect automatically switches your voice communications to broadband if you lose radio coverage.

When you move beyond the limits of your radio system’s coverage, you shouldn’t have to leave your lifeline behind. Whether you’re out of coverage, or you’re assisting another agency, SmartConnect ensures your lifeline is always in reach.

Because your radio is your lifeline

Mission-critical communications is at the heart of everything we do. SmartConnect allows you to stay safe by staying connected, even beyond the boundaries of your radio system.

Assist neighbouring agencies

Rapidly respond to assist neighbouring agencies while staying connected to your radio network.

Keep connected indoors

Confidently maintain seamless voice communications, from outdoors to indoors.

Switch networks seamlessly

Automatically switchover networks without intervention, in the same talkgroups and with the same configurations.

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47% of agencies want tech to improve situational awareness.*
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We have some dead spots where we don't get radio coverage because of the mountains or the distance. Having continuous coverage, even when we're in those areas, will be a plus for officer safety.

 David Westlake

David Westlake

Mobile IT Systems Manager, Spokane County Sheriff's Office
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