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Logging Recorders

Logging Recorders

Scenario Relay™ is used across all logging recorders to seamlessly retrieve audio and data from radio and telephony communications. Recreate the communications around an incident, just as they happened.

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  • MCC 7500 IP Logging Recorder

    A fully integrated and certified IP radio recording and replay solution for Motorola's ASTRO ® 25 network.

  • NiceLog Recorder

    A high density platform that provides reliable audio and data capture, analysis and reconstruction for command and control centers.

  • NiceCall Focus III Recorder

    A full-featured, compact recording solution designed to meet the needs of smaller sites.

  • Nice Inform

    NICE Inform is the most comprehensive suite of integrated Incident Information Management applications that enable public safety agencies, transportation control centers and utilities to effectively record, manage and derive valuable insights.