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About This Policy

This policy describes the privacy practices for WAVE Mobile Communicator, provided by Motorola Solutions, Inc. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time as needed. Any additional privacy practices not covered in this notice, are covered in the Motorola Solutions Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

WAVE will access your location and will share it with others with whom you share Talk Groups when location sharing is enabled. You must opt-in to share your location, and you can opt-out at any time while you are signed in.

WAVE may collect basic usage information (e.g., device status, device type, device OS and the browser utilized to download the application) to help provide better service and improve our product. This information is obtained anonymously and is not associated with any specific user information (e.g.,username or organization). 

WAVE Mobile Communicator will persist various user preferences across sessions based on a unique username and server address combination for a specific device.

How We Collect Information

We collect information directly from your mobile device. We collect information from your phone based on your opt-in choices in App Settings (e.g. location services).This information is passed through to other members in your Talk Groups but is not retained anywhere.

How We Use/Store Information

WAVE Mobile Communicator does not retain any audio or data transmission locally on your device. This information is only temporarily displayed in the application’s user interface during your active session (from sign in to intentional sign out) as well as in the device’s volatile memory (also typically referred to as RAM). None of this information persists across an intentional sign out/sign in.

BEGINNING WITH v4.1.0: If your WAVE Admin has granted you multi-media storage rights, WAVE will automatically store photos in your camera roll/gallery taken within the WAVE application. In addition, you are given the option in App Settings to always save received photos. If your WAVE Admin has not granted you these storage rights, any photos taken are only stored in RAM and are deleted at sign out.

Your Display Name is displayed to other members currently online who share your Talk Groups.

Information Sharing

Any information disclosed in transmissions and texts can be collected and used by other members on your system with whom you are communicating. WAVE cannot prevent the use of any other applications on a device which might include recording applications. Users should follow their organization’s information security and privacy protection policies while using WAVE. 

Your Choices/Opt-out

WAVE is designed to to access your location and will share it with others in your TalkGroups but you must opt-in to share your location. You can also opt-out at any time while you are signed in through your App Settings.

Technologies We Use

We will persist your choices under App Settings such as sending of text notifications, location sharing, playing of the Group Call Incoming Sound, Map Type, Map Traffic Overlay, Profile, activated/deactivated Talk Groups, and Profile Selection.

If a cell call is made or received while you are signed into WAVE, no media can be transmitted or received - but you will continue to be signed in to WAVE, will receive events and can send messages, providing that you are on a carrier and plan allowing for both data and cellular calls, concurrently. 

More Questions?

Write to us at the following address:
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Attention: Privacy Compliance Program
P.O. Box 59263
Schaumburg, IL U.S.A. 60159-0263

You can also reach us by email at


Users should follow their organization’s information security and privacy protection policies while using WAVE.  

Effective Date: May 6, 2017