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Unified Communications is the effort to better enable employees to share intelligent information, in order to deliver cost, safety, and efficiency benefits to an organization.

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What are the basics of unified communications?

Unified workgroup communications is the discipline of connecting frontline and fieldworkers to help them communicate instantly, without boundaries, and with added intelligence.


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How does unified communications work?

A unified communications solution works by allowing instant communications via push-to-talk (PTT) over any device and network - allowing for shared talkgroups and immediate one-to-many PTT over any connected device.


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Are my communications unified?

Person using a tablet in a warehouse

What are the benefits of unified communications?

Unified communications allows employees to communicate instantly over their device of choice. This means critical information can be shared more quickly, improving safety and boosting efficiency.


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Person using a two-way radio in a server room

What are the features of unified communications?


  • Device connectivity
  • Instant push-to-talk
  • Intelligence driven data
  • Video security and analytics

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What does unified communications mean for you?

Woman using a radio in a warehouse

What does unified communications mean for manufacturing?

With unified communications, advanced data is connected to every worker and machine, so unexpected downtime is reduced, worker safety is enhanced and productivity is maximized.

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Woman in hotel talking on radio

What does unified communications mean for hospitality?

With unified communications, coverage and capacity is taken to new heights, so guest satisfaction is always 5-Star review ready, worker safety is enhanced and productivity across all resort properties is maximized.

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Man using radio in loading dock

What does unified communications mean for transportation?

With unified communications, people and cargo will be moved more safely and efficiently when workers can communicate without geographic and device boundaries.

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Utility worker using a two-way radio

What does unified communications mean for utilities?

With unified communications, ensure service levels are high with real-time voice and data available across all networks and devices - regardless of crew location.

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Oil and gas worker using a two-way radio

What does unified communications mean for oil and gas?

With unified communications, you’ll be able to fuel intelligence driven operations. Bridge the gap between devices and networks, and enable better decision-making for greater safety and productivity.

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Healthcare working using a two-way radio

What does unified communications mean for healthcare?

With unified communications, overcome device and network barriers to create an environment that is safe and secure so staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies safely and seamlessly.

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