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Chief Robert Sullenberger | Boulder County Sheriff's Office

Boulder County Sheriff's Office: Digital Evidence Ecosystem Enhances Community Safety and Trust

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office was looking to deploy a new digital evidence and body-worn camera ecosystem to better protect citizens and further enhance a strong foundation of community trust. While deputies had previously used limited smartphone video on patrol, Boulder County wanted to deploy a more efficient and holistic digital evidence solution.

“Before we had the video technology, our deputies would take photos and videos from digital cameras and regular film cameras and have to get that developed or get it onto a flash drive and into our evidence department,” said Jessica Flinn, Records Department. “With that, they would have to fill out property sheets and bring that back in, and so it was a very long process for them at the end of their day, when they already had a full report to write.”

With the Motorola Solutions digital evidence ecosystem, Boulder County now leverages body-worn cameras, an evidence-grade smartphone camera application, and digital evidence management software. The digital evidence ecosystem allows Boulder County to more effectively capture video footage, instantly upload multimedia files from any location, and quickly access content for review or redaction.

For Boulder County, the Motorola Solutions digital evidence ecosystem stood out in four primary ways:

  • Excellent video accompanied with proven audio quality

  • Instant upload abilities from any Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Seamless camera and microphone integration in one device, reducing the overall amount of equipment carried by deputies

  • Strong customer service throughout the product lifecycle

Download the full case study to learn more.

Executive Summary

The Challenge

Boulder County was looking to move away from manual digital evidence storage and redaction processes by migrating to a more efficient and holistic digital evidence solution.

The Solution

The Si500 body-worn camera and CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software enable simplified evidence capture and better visibility. The digital evidence solutions are fully integrated with their Motorola Solutions APX Series two-way radios.

The Benefits

Boulder County is able to more efficiently process and package relevant digital evidence for judicial partners, saving valuable time and resources. The jail has benefited from an improved rapport with inmates, a decrease in inmate complaints, and improved operational efficiencies.

Customer Profile

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for protecting more than 300,000 citizens and three million annual visitors across 740-square miles of rugged, mountainous terrain.

Key Solutions

  • Si500 Video Speaker Microphone
  • CommandCentral Vault Evidence Management System
  • Capture Evidence-Grade Camera App
  • APX Series Two-way Radios

                                                         Read the Complete Case Study