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Vigilant FaceAlert

Pinpoint persons of interest faster with facial cataloging and alerting.


Vigilant PlateSearch

Transform license plate data into promising leads that close cases.


CommandCentral Analytics

Solve more crime by uncovering actionable insights within your data.


Quickly shorten your suspect list.

Crowd-sourcing the identity of a wanted suspect is time-consuming. Vigilant FaceSearch analyzes over 350 facial vectors of a suspect’s face to generate immediate leads using a booking image gallery sourced from your department, partner agencies and our own exclusive database - providing a responsible, policy-based approach to facial recognition-based identification.

Focused on outcomes that matter.

Generate new, reliable leads

When it comes to facial recognition, right matters. That’s why Vigilant FaceSearch provides built-in enhancement tools to optimize image quality and search parameters to ensure accurate returns. Possible match reports then allow you to annotate similarities between your probe and match image as well as include full search details for peer review.

Eye within frame

Built-in image enhancement tools

Magnifying glass

Configurable search parameters


Embedded image annotation tools

Check list

Possible match report activity log

Get more matches, more often

More data means more matches. Vigilant FaceSearch gives you highly controlled access to millions of images in our nationwide booking image gallery as well as those from your own database and partner agencies with whom you have a data sharing agreement. Still can’t find a match? The no-match gallery will alert you when a new possible match is found.


Agency database synchronization

Four Squares

Exclusive nationwide image gallery

Face image with data

No-match gallery & match alerts

Left and Right pointing arrows

Agency-managed data sharing

Automate accountability and security

Cutting edge innovation, requires a continuous commitment to the responsible use. Beyond using one of the top-ranked facial recognition algorithms, Vigilant FaceSearch follows CJIS security policy guidelines for secure, cloud-based data management. We also train users on proper use, while keeping them up to date on policy and laws as they evolve.


Tested and verified algorithm accuracy

Computer monitor with security shield

CJIS security policy compliant

Folder with checkbox

User, case & system-level auditing

paper with ribbon

Free, expert training sessions


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