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Motorola Solutions develops and sells communications systems built to industry standards. Our solutions are fully interoperable, meaning within each region, our products work on different networks and bands and often with products made by our competitors.

Interoperability standards vary by region and include Project (P25) in North America, Latin America and Asia, with TETRA in Europe and parts of Asia. 

The P25 standard has been around for 20 years. For P25, we were an early participant in a user-driven open forum that created the P25 standard for interoperable, mission-critical voice communications on land mobile radio (LMR) systems. The P25 standard has been endorsed by the U.S. government to ensure the interoperability of public safety communications equipment.

Over the past decade, U.S. Congress has provided support to help advance public safety interoperable communications, including federal funding programs, linkage of grants to industry-developed standards, and new spectrum allocations, such as in the 700 MHz band.

We offer our global customers a full range of P25 solutions that balance features, needs and cost, ensuring seamless communications across agencies and jurisdictions so they can effectively coordinate a joint response. 

Motorola Solutions has shipped more than 1,000 interoperable P25 systems to more than 90 countries. In the U.S., we have provided 35 of the 41 statewide systems, including 30 of 32 P25-compliant systems. Many new statewide systems and upgrades in progress will also be P25-compliant.

We expect LMR to continue to co-exist with broadband technology for many years to come. We see strong demand from customers to bridge the technologies, and we provide software that makes them operate seamlessly. In fact, many of our customers continue to request multi-year LMR service contracts.

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