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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Products and services from Motorola Solutions are priced competitively. We offer standards-based solutions at a variety of price points that balance operational needs and budget. Prices are based on models and features selected by the customer. 

Our customers set their own competitive bidding processes and rules.

In addition to price, public safety agencies consider reliability, security, durability, longevity, audio quality, service and support when purchasing mission-critical communications equipment.

Different countries have different standards and require different technologies, and prices vary accordingly.

Pricing includes more than radios. There are also costs associated with infrastructure and system integration that can vary widely depending on a customer's needs and requirements, and can affect the total cost of ownership. LTE requires monthly service fees, while the cost of owning an LMR network is typically a single up-front cost lasting years with no airtime fees. The hardened, secure and reliable LMR option has total cost that is favorable to the total cost offered by commercial carriers. 

Mission-critical communications equipment is not a commodity. It is a lifesaving tool that emergency responders take into dangerous situations to help protect citizens and themselves. When lives are on the line, dependability and stability are a necessity.

Unlike consumer smartphones, which do not provide communications at mission-critical grade and are replaced frequently, our radios serve a lifetime of 12 years or more – some have lasted longer than 20 years. Our mission-critical radios are sophisticated, highly engineered devices – some have more than 2 million lines of code. 

We created many innovations in mission-critical communications that are now standard, including end-to-end encryption in the voice and data environment, further setting these devices apart from consumer smartphones.

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